Cannondale Unveil The Lefty Ocho

lefty ocho

The all-new Lefty Ocho. Simply the most advanced, smoothest, most precise-handling ultralight XC fork ever made. With its single-crown structure, the all-new Ocho is one of the absolute lightest XC suspension forks in the world. The first single-crown, single-sided XC suspension fork in the world saves weight in the most […]

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What Is Kashima Coat?

You’ve probably seen different fork and rear shocks in our store, and noticed the gold ones with the ‘Kashima Coat’ branding on it. These forks and shocks carry a higher price and clients often ask why they’re priced higher as well as enquiring about the benefits of this gold coating. […]

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We believe in bikes, and we also believe in trying your new bike out in real world conditions before buying it! Each month we test out a selection of our mountain bikes along the slopes of Rhodes Memorial, offering a true test of their real world handling and climbing abilities. […]

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Let’s Talk About MIPS Technology

Cyclist safety isn’t a one sided issue, and it takes effort from both cyclists and road users to ensure that we all get to our destinations safely. The number one goal for us at Olympic Cycles is preventing accidents in the first place. This involves making ourselves as visible as […]

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How To Clean And Lube A Bicycle Chain

The reality of cycling is that your drivetrain is completely exposed to all the elements that cycling brings. Over time dirt and grime can build up, which is left unchecked and uncleaned can lead to premature drivetrain wear. One of the simplest ways to maintain the longevity of your drivetrain […]

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Leatt 360° Turbine Technology

As bike technology has progressed over the years, so has the need for safety technology such as Leatt 360° Turbine Technology. With dual suspension and disc brakes becoming the new normal, riders are traveling at increasing speeds which means impacts when crashing are also becoming harder. Traditional helmets protect from heavy […]

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