The Silverback Stratos AL Range

We’re excited to be stocking the full Silverback Stratos Alloy range, which comes with huge performance factors at extremely competitive prices, as we’ve come to expect from the brand!

The Stratos Aluminium range is strongly based on this philosophy with profiles favoring strength towards the non-drive side.

The Stratos is the mountain bike every recreational rider can enjoy. Silverback’s POP geometry makes it a strong climber and a balanced confident descender. The linkage driven asymmetric single-pivot suspension is tuned for optimal small bump sensitivity and big-hit compliance without power delivery penalties.

The suspension curve is designed to offer full use of available travel. This is based on the groundbreaking Stratos CF race-machine, but adapted to offer a more capable bike for the everyday rider. Trails, XC or marathon, the Stratos is the right mountain bike for the job.

All the specs, as well as the links to purchase, are available below, and we offer countrywide shipping!