Rudy Project Windmax

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Weighing just 220 grams, this helmet combines extraordinary lightness with top-level functional features, all in an attractive and gritty design, with racy lines and state-of-the-art materials.

One helmet, two sports: this is the revolution of Windmax, the ideal model for both roads cycle and mountain biking, thanks to two types of peak, which are different and interchangeable depending on what use is required. For cycling, for instance, Windmax is fitted with an aeroflap visor, an ultra-light aerodynamic appendix which can improve its efficiency.


In-Mould Technology: In-moulding is the process of bonding the helmet’s hard outer shell to its EPS foam layer to provide a sturdier, more solid helmet. The EPS foam is shot into the thin Microshell cap when it is in the mould. So they become lighter and got more structural integrity, than other helmets

Safety Reflex System: the helmets got glow stickers they grant for a good visibility even at diffuse light

Innerpads: are made of micro porous foam with anti-allergic and sweat resistant fabric. The form and position of the shell, in combination with the rotor, made it comfortable and extremely secure

Retention System: Accidental knocks when cycling can cause sudden movements of your helmet in every direction. Therefore it is essential that your helmet is totally secure to prevent it from detaching from your head and resulting in dangerous knocks

Adjustable Head Ring: Rudy Project has created helmet systems that are adjustable on the nape of the neck. These mechanisms allow you to adapt the height of the retention system to your individual morphology and fit the helmet to your head securely

Fastex System: The Fastex system consists of a simple and quick snap-lock buckle for securing the throat strap which is ergonomically shaped and ensures perfect regulation and maximum stability

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