E-Bike Cyclists Get As Much Exercise As Regular Bike Riders

If you follow our social media feeds, you’ll know that we often speak about e-bikes and the benefits of them (We wrote a piece on that over here)

We’ve really tried to speak about the benefits of electric bikes to get more people into the sport. More people in the sport = more people out exploring our beautiful roads and trails as well as happier and healthier people! Now a study shows that people who ride e-bikes are in fact getting as much exercise as regular bike users.

According to Treehugger:

“E-bikers use their bikes more, go longer distances, and often substitute it for driving or transit.”

“But perhaps even more significant is the dramatic increase in exercise among people who switch from cars to e-bikes, a much easier transition than from cars to a-bikes”

“In Denmark, the average user switching to an e-bike reduced driving by 49 percent and transit by 48 percent. In the UK, 36 percent reduced public transit use.”

“E-bikers in the study tended to be older, had higher car access and higher body mass indexes (BMI,) but they still traveled farther and more often. So please put to bed that idea that e-bikes are somehow “cheating”:

This study has found that physical activity from travel-related activities is similar for e-bikers and cyclists… These findings counter the often-raised concern that e-biking may result in a substantial reduction of physical activity for traveling due to the electric assist of e-bikes, which reduces the required physical effort. As this study shows, average trip distance of e-bike and bicycle trips among e-bikers is significantly higher than bicycle trips among cyclists. Equally, e-bikers’ daily travel distance by e-bike was also significantly longer than daily cycling distance in cyclists.”

One of the biggest factors we have noticed is that it helps people get into cycling, or get back into cycling. Often riders will try get back into the sport but are put off by the effort required, as they may have lost fitness over a period of time. On that note, new riders may also be out off having never cycled before. The e-bike is the ideal bike to kick off a love for the sport, and even after riders have noticed huge fitness gains, they are still able to benefit from their e-bikes thanks to a variety of settings, from the eco mode to the full power option.

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