Cannondale Habit NEO in South Africa

cannondale habit neo

The recently launched Cannondale Habit NEO will be landing in South Africa in December and we couldn’t be more amped for a bike to arrive! We’ve been speaking about the benefits of e-bikes for years now and we’re excited to see that they are finally becoming accepted in major bike races. In previous years the bikes have received criticism as they were seen as cheating.

From the first day, we rode one we knew exactly the market that these bikes would be suited for. They have completely opened up a new world for many who may have laid their bikes down for years, and they have now gotten back into the sport thanks to the assistance of electric bikes. Many of our elder clients who have been off the bike for some time have greatly benefitted from them, and are now once again out and about enjoying nature and the sport once again.

cannondale habit neo

With Cannondale entering the electric mountain bike market, we’re excited to see what adventures these machines will take you on. Bike Hub were lucky enough to test these new machines out in Austria, and you can click here for their full review.

South Africa will be receiving the Cannondale Habit NEO 1, NEO 2, NEO 3 and NEO 4. For full specifications please click on the images below. While pricing is not yet available for the South African market, e-mail to be notified and updated on arrival and pricing.