July 9, 2018

4 Reason Why We Love E-Bikes

1. Go further. For many riders, the sport is all about seeing new landscapes and having new experiences. E-bikes give you that extra boost of power so that you can go further and explore more of the incredible country that we live in.

2. Go faster. The smile on riders faces when engaging sport mode says it all for us. E-bikes allow you to travel faster, but you still need to put in the effort. Perhaps you’re commuting to work and are short on time…e-bikes can help reduce your travelling time. A bike that is fast, fun and effective? Check!

3. Getting back into fitness. Starting your fitness journey again can be tricky, and many people can be put off by the intensity of off-road cycling. E-bikes are a great tool to gently reintroduce people to the sport and the outdoors. Health and fitness are so important in the modern age, and we are all for tools that enable this.

4. Keep riding well into your senior years. As we get older, we lose the strength we once had in our youth but we still want to see the most beautiful parts of our country on two wheels. E-bikes allow us to go where not many other people have gone, by providing the assistance to allow us to cover those miles.E-bikes have become a popular choice for riders still wanting to tackle the multi-stage races with their children. Any bike that gets people out onto the trails is a winner in our books.

Don’t take our word for it though! Instead, test an e-bike for yourself. Email Sean on to take advantage of our demo bikes and ride them on real-world trails. We know you’ll love them!